Custom Software Company SEO Case Study

Small Business Beats Industry Giants with Targeted SEO

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The Challenge

A pioneering low-code and no-code software development company was grappling with a unique challenge. Despite their ability to craft custom business applications that gave personalized software solutions—ranging from communications to data visibility—they were virtually invisible online. No traffic. No leads. Nothing.

The Objective

To shine a light on the path to visibility, targeting the right audience and marketing channels, and ultimately driving organic traffic and leads to their website.

Why It Matters to You

Ever wondered how a company can go from digital obscurity to ranking 1st for high-value keywords? Stick around; this transformation is nothing short of SEO at its best.

SEO Strategy

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

Service Pages

Content Marketing

Internal Linking Strategy

Why it Matters to You


Keyword Rankings

Traffic and Impressions

Lead Generation

Why it Matters to You

Key Takeaways

This software company’s journey from being a digital unknown to becoming a trusted name in the software development industry is a testament to the power of a meticulously crafted SEO strategy. The company not only saw a dramatic increase in clicks and impressions but also started generating leads that were aligned with their core services.

Why SEO Matters to You

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